Disney Cruise Lines Facing Injury Claim from Longshoreman

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Even Disney Cruise Lines is not immune to injury claims, this time from a longshoreman who was hurt while working to transfer cargo from the cruise ship to a tractor trailer.

Here are more details as related in an article from the Southeast Texas Record, Southeast Texas’ Legal Journal…

A longshoreman is suing over claims he was injured transferring cargo from a cruise ship.

Daniel Wayne Edwards filed a lawsuit Nov. 26 in Galveston County District Court against Magical Cruise Company Limited, doing business as Disney Cruise Lines; GRS Logistics Inc.; Daniel Edwards Arrington; and Chris Large, citing negligence.

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Quick Look at January 2015 Cruise Ship Accidents and Incidents

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It’s been a busy January as the cruise ship industry has been dealing with accidents, incidents and other issues.

First, some good news…

A private plane flying to Hawaii ran out of fuel, the pilot ditched the plan and was then rescued by a Holland America cruise ship.

From KCRA News in Tracy, California… Jan. 26…

“The pilot of a single-engine airplane from Tracy ran out of fuel over the Pacific Ocean en route to Hawaii — but he was able to ditch the plane in the water and then a cruise ship came to his rescue, the U.S. Coast Guard said Sunday.

Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Kurt Fredrickson said the pilot was picked up by the cruise ship Veendam, which belongs to Holland America.

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Changes To Cruise Ship Crime And Accident Reporting Coming From Congress?

lawyers investigate cruise line crimes and accidents

Are changes coming to the cruise line industry by federal mandate?

We’re not sure yet, but according to The Hill which provides breaking news from Capitol Hill and Congress, the Coast Guard is considering new rules for investigating crimes on cruise ships.

From a release in Friday, Jan. 15th issue of TheHill.com…

Cruise ships would face new security protocols, such as informing passengers about crime aboard the ship, installing systems to detect if someone falls overboard, and crime scene preservation and evidence gathering training, under proposed rules from the Coast Guard.

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Two Carnival Cruise Ship Passengers Missing in Jamaica?

missing cruise ship passengers

Many details still unclear

According to various reports, like this one from the Jamaica Observer, two men have gone missing in Jamaica after disembarking from a Carnival Cruise ship that had

The men, 42-year-old Shelby Person and 45-year-old Tyrone Rideout, got off the Carnival Victory on January 12 in the port of Falmouth. Both are American citizens from Maryland.

According to the article published on Tuesday, Jan. 13th,….

“Information received is that both Person and Rideout disembarked the vessel shortly after its arrival in the island about 10:00 am and left the pier for an undisclosed destination.

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Injured? One Key Reason You Should Hire A Lawyer to Sue The Cruise Line For You

cruise ship lawyer

Injured on a cruise ship and considering whether to go it alone or whether to call an attorney for help?

While there are many reasons to hire a cruise ship injury lawyer to represent your interests in a claim against the cruise line, here is one key reason.

Attorneys understand how to properly file court documents and handle other legal procedures. If you’re not an attorney, you may struggle with the deadlines and protocol for properly filling out and filing certain legal documents.

One late or incorrect filing could derail your case, delay a given legal procedure or worse – have the case thrown out altogether (and not in your favor).

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Holland America Cruise Ship Rescues 8 Crewmembers From Sinking Vessel Near Aruba

help for crewmembers from holland amercia cruise line accident

News reports tell of the Holland America cruise ship Zuiderdam rescuing  crewmembers from a sinking vessel in the Caribbean waters near Oranjestad, Aruba on January 3.

Per an article in MarineLink.com

At 2:10 a.m. Jan. 3, 2015, while en route to Oranjestad, Aruba, Holland America Line’s ms Zuiderdam answered a distress call from the Bahamian inter-island vessel Excalibur that was sinking with eight crewmembers onboard. Zuiderdam was approximately 15 miles away and the closest ship in the area.

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Find a Florida Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

hire a cruise ship injury lawyer in florida to help with accident claim

If you’ve been injured on a cruise ship – Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, etc. – and need to hire a lawyer to represent you against the cruise line, there are a 2 main places to start your search:

  • 1 – do an online search for an attorney who specializes in cruise injury claims
  • 2 – contact a local attorney (who likely does not)

Finding a knowledgeable cruise injury attorney, one who is experienced with dealing with claims made against the cruise lines can make all the difference.

If you’re searching for a Florida lawyer or law firm to help you with your claim, please consider:

  • the lawyer or the firm’s experience dealing with the cruise lines
  • settlements and verdicts of the firm
  • the location of the firm (yes, it matters)
  • injury claims against Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian MUST to be filed in Florida to be valid. Don’t let a lawyer without experience misguide you here!

Once you’ve narrowed your search online, it’s time to call a few law firms and talk to them about your potential claim. They should be able to advise you on what steps to take.

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Suing Carnival Cruise Line: Tips From A Cruise Lawyer

need lawyer to help sue carnival cruise line

PHOTO CREDIT: www.CruiseBrothers.com

Considering a lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Line?

It’s unfortunate, but accidents and injuries happen on Carnival Cruise Ships.

With millions of passengers cruising each year, we hear about a variety of accidents and injuries stemming from falls, burns, near-drownings – some really terrible mishaps.

Sometimes it’s simply just an accident, but sometimes…sometimes the injury occurs because of the fault of the cruise line or its crew members not doing something that should have to prevent the injury from occurring in the first place.

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What the Royal Caribbean Near Drowning Accident Means for Cruise Ship Passengers

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Pools on cruise ships just not safe?

In an inauspicious start to 2015, a young child was found nearly drowned on the Oasis of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship as it returned to Port Everglades, Florida on Saturday evening.

Read more here at NBCnews.com.

This is another terrible story – one of many over the last year – that involved a child drowning or nearly drowning on a cruise ship. And while an investigation and the details of this incident have not been released, it raises many questions.

What this means for passengers?

Headlines like this one show just how uncertain a cruise vacation can be. Everything starts well, then an accident occurs. And with 20 million people traveling on cruise ship every year, accidents are bound to happen.

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# 1 Reason to Contact a Slip and Fall Cruise Injury Lawyer?

legal help for injured cruise ship passengers

A Secret The Cruise Lines Preferred You Didn’t Know

While most slip and fall accidents are simply just accidents and are not caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of the cruise line or crew, there are accidents where the cruise line is liable.

It’s unfortunate, but if you’re injured, you may face medical bills and lost time at work, not to mention the pain and frustration of having to deal with an injury – sometimes life altering – that wasn’t your fault.

The cruise line will require you to follow their rules about filing an injury claim – when you can file a claim, where it must be filed, etc.

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