is now running Google Ad Words

, October 17, 2012

In order to better serve potential clients who are looking for our cruise ship injury and cruise ship accident legal services, Waks & Barnett is now running a Google Ad Words advertising campaign. We will focus on driving traffic to with the intent of helping people better understand whether or not they might have […]

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Can a passenger sue a cruise line if they got meningitis aboard a cruise ship?

, October 10, 2012

Can a passenger sue a cruise line if they contracted meningitis while on a cruise? Can crew members also sue the cruise line they work for if they got meningitis while working on the cruise ship? Those are two questions our maritime attorneys have been asked over the last few days. The simple answer is […]

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Crew members found with meningitis on Italian cruise ship – will it affect passengers too?

, October 10, 2012

Reports over the last 48 hours have shown that 4 crew members aboard the MSC Orchestra contracted bacterial meningitis infections. As a precaution, more than 2,500 passengers and more than 950 crew members were being treated. It seems the news was originally posted by SeaTrade Insider. As related by USA Today, meningitis is… …characterized by a sudden onset […]

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Meningitis Outbreak on Cruise Ship MSC Orchestra

, October 9, 2012

Yesterday, Oct. 8, it was reported that 4 crew members aboard the MSC Orchestra had contracted and were being treated for bacterial meningitis infections. Read the full article here as reported by The potential for crew member injury and illness is an ever present concern when hundreds or thousands of both crew and passengers […]

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Cruise ship tender in Bar Harbor, Maine runs aground

, October 8, 2012

A cruise ship tender ran aground in Bar Harbor, Maine on Oct. 4. Numerous media outlets picked up the story, including Here is a link to the story. Fortunately, early reports show no injuries resulting from the tender accident. 93 passengers were aboard the tender at the time. The tender – a small transport […]

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Another Cruise Ship Fails CDC Inspection

, October 5, 2012

Another cruise ship has failed its vessel sanitation inspection from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. * that makes 3 cruise ships within the last few months to have failed the inspection. Blount Small Ship Adventures‘ 100-passenger Grand Mariner scored a 75 on its September 18 inspection. According to the report… Moldy ice-cubers inadequate […]

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Cruise industry contributed $6.7B to Florida economy

, October 4, 2012

The cruise industry in Florida has an economic impact of $6.7 Billion dollars according to a recent report carried in the South Florida Business Journal. Per the story…. Florida’s cruise industry in 2011 contributed $6.7 billion to the state economy and created 130,950 jobs that generated $5.76 billion, according to a study released by the […]

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Florida judge rules in favor of Carnival Cruise Lines regarding Costa Concordia cruise disaster

, October 3, 2012

In a recent release from the Associated Press, and carried by the Washington Post among other news sources… A judge in Florida has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Italian businesses against Miami-based Carnival Corp. over the fatal capsizing of a cruise ship off Italy’s coast. U.S. District Judge Robin Rosenbaum agreed with Carnival that the […]

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How Injuries Occur On Cruise Ships

, October 3, 2012

It’s unfortunate, but injuries are a common occurrence aboard cruise ships. With millions of travelers enjoying cruises each week from the ports of Miami, Cape Canaveral and many others, injuries are bound to happen. Common injuries are: Broken arms Wrist sprains and breaks Ankle sprains and breaks Knee injuries Back injuries Concussions Sometimes those injuries […]

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