Carnival Cruise Ship Rescues 24 Stranded Cubans

, March 6, 2014

Some good news for the day – Carnival Paradise, en route from Tampa, Florida to the Cayman Islands stopped to rescue a boat full of Cubans. Here is a link to the story and a snippet of the news… “Matthew Sudders has been on plenty of cruises, but he’d never seen anything like this. The […]

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Quick Tips; What To Do If You Were Hurt Or Injured On A Disney Cruise Ship

, February 28, 2014

  It’s unfortunate, but accidents and injuries happen – even on Disney Cruise Ships. If you’ve been hurt or injured while sailing with Disney Cruises and believe that your injury was sustained due to the negligence of the crew or the cruise line itself, you may have a potential claim. Yes, Disney Cruises Might be […]

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Example of Crew Member Injury on Cruise Ship; Negligence May Have Played a Role

, February 10, 2014

While the injury did not occur in American waters, the following recent news story is an example of how wrong decisions made by the cruise line can result in horrible accidents and injury. In this case, a crew member of the MSC Opera was severely hurt as he ferrying passengers between the cruise ship and […]

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Waiter Files Claim Against Princess Cruises for Back Injury

, December 13, 2013

Injuries Common for Crewmembers on Cruise Ships It’s a common occurrence – crewmembers of cruise ships suing the cruise line they work  for because of an injury sustained or an injury that could have been prevented. It’s also common for these crewmembers to be treated with little care or concern regarding their injury. Getting the […]

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Good Decision – Disney Cruise Lines to Add Lifeguards to Pools

, November 11, 2013

In a move that should have happened previously aboard Disney ships (as well as aboard the other cruise ships within the industry), Disney Cruise Line has made the decision to have lifeguards at their pools. And while passenger satisfaction is probably priority number one for all cruise lines, passenger safety is a large component of […]

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Vancouver-bound cruise ship stuck in Alaska

, August 13, 2013

As a passenger, what happens when your cruise ship breaks down while on a cruise vacation?  This was a question that many passengers asked themselves recently as a Celebrity Cruise ship, the Celebrity Millennium, experienced electrical issues. According to CBC News… “Celebrity Cruises has offered full compensation for guests choosing to fly home rather than […]

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Major cruise lines begin posting detailed data about crimes that occurred aboard their ships.

, August 2, 2013

The Associated Press (AP) released an article today reporting that the three major cruise lines, Carnival Corp., Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise, have begun posting more comprehensive data about crimes that occurred aboard their ships. This is a new approach for the cruise lines who have been under pressure lately to do a better job of […]

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Are cruise ships more dangerous than you think?

, July 31, 2013

Carried in full here at the blog is a July 25th article from CNN regarding the lack of crime reporting by the major cruise lines. The point of the article is to showcase that passengers don’t have a full understanding of the dangers that do exist on cruise vacations prior to booking their cruise […]

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News story on cruise ship crime stats is eye-opening

, June 10, 2013

A news story in outlines a recent Disney Cruise sexual assault incident while outlining the notion that crime stats aboard cruise ships are not often reported as they should be. Click here – Eye-opening crime stats article at Florida Today. Some highlights of the story include: The problem, some say, is a law that […]

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Is safety a top priority for cruise lines?

, April 21, 2013

  A recent article from Cruise Industry News in their Spring 2013 editorial called Safety First offers some interesting insight into the safety concerns of large cruise ships. Most importantly – are cruise lines sacrificing safety and proper maintenance of their ships for larger, entertainment focused boats and higher revenue numbers? And what is the […]

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