Is it worthwhile for passengers to sue Carnival Cruise Lines?


CNN who has been following the story of the Carnival Triumph engine fire accident also offered up some interesting information regarding passenger’s ability to sue the cruise lines.

The article, after a bad cruise, can you cruise into court? outlines some of the questions that passengers will have about suing Carnival Cruise Lines – and some answers and explanation from experienced cruise ship injury attorneys.

The fact is, many passengers will have questions about filing claims and suing. The reality is that individual circumstances along with the signed booking contract will guide the process. That is the conversation that will be had between passengers and attorneys.

Unless some real harm has occurred, the likelihood of a successful suit is quite slim. Suing a cruise line like Carnival or even just filing a claim properly can be complicated. A seasoned, experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help you determine what your next steps should be.

To find out if you have a claim against Carnival – click here.

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