World’s Biggest Cruise Ship Heads Home to Florida After Refit


Just Plain Big – Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas

The world’s largest cruise liner, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, set sail for Florida on Wednesday night after a stop in Europe.

The ship was undergoing an extensive refurbishment and refit. The cruise ship was in the English port of Southampton after emerging from its 14-day dry dock in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It is expected to arrive in its home port of Ft. Lauderdale on Oct. 27.

The 225,282-ton ship can carry 6,360 guests and 2,394 crew – it’s essentially a small city at sea.

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Free Consultation for Potential Cruise Ship Injury Claims

Hire a cruise injury lawyer

If you were hurt in a cruise ship accident, it may be weeks or even several months before you decide that you should consider filing an injury claim against the cruise line of the ship where the accident occurred.

After more than 25 years of representing injured cruise ship passengers, we’ve found that many of these passengers are more focused on ‘dealing with their injury – seeing doctors, having surgery, undergoing rehab and physical therapy, etc. (and rightfully so).

Should I file an injury claim?

And while they’re frustrated about the pain and inconvenience – or in many cases, dealing with life-changing injuries – the last thing on their mind is, “should I sue the cruise line for financial compensation?”

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Cruise Injury Lawyers Help When You’ve Suffered Bodily Harm or Been in an Accident

cruise ship lawyer

You suffered bodily harm from being in an accident on a cruise ship – now what?

That’s the question that many passengers ask themselves after an accident. They’re hurt, spending time visiting doctors, facing mounting medical bills…and are just simply frustrated.

They’re frustrated because of their situation, the pain they’re enduring and sometimes, because of the lack of communication and progress they’ve been making when trying to deal with the cruise lines and the injury claims they’ve submitted.

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Cruise Injury Lawyers – What We Do

The injury lawyers at Waks and Barnett, P.A. – Andrew WaksJoel Barnett and Jennifer Thompson have seen hundreds of cruise ship injury cases and have filed hundreds of injury claims on behalf of our clients.

Injury and Accident Cruise Lawyers at Waks and Barnett, P.A. in Miami.

Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers at Waks and Barnett, P.A. in Miami.

And if you were hurt on a cruise, we’re prepared to build a case on your behalf.

It starts with a phone call where we learn the specifics of your accident – how it happened, who was there, what happened after the accident – we’ll literally ask question after question to understand what really happened and then determine what legal plans of action should be taken.

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Cruise Ship Injury Attorney: Foot, Ankle and Knee Injuries

call lawyer for knee and ankle injury on cruise ship

While millions of people each year take cruise vacations (perhaps you or someone in your family) these vessels often present dangerous safety hazards to passengers.

When these hazards result in accident and injury, you should know that your injury is covered by U.S. Maritime Law – and that you do have legal rights that are designed to protect you.

If injured on a cruise ship, you do have the right to seek damages for your pain, suffering, medical bills, missed time at work and more. You do have the ability to file a claim or sue the cruise line.

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Clemson Student Dies in Fall From Carnival Cruise Ship Radar Deck

Another tragic event on a cruise ship – this time, the untimely death of a college student aboard a Carnival Cruise Ship.

Read the full story here at USA Today: Clemson student dies in fall from cruise-ship radar deck.

death on carnival cruise ship


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Getting Hurt on a Cruise Ship More Common Than Passengers Realize

The big accidents get all of the media attention – ships running aground, ships losing engine power on the high seas, etc.

But what is more commonplace are ‘normal’ accidents – slipping in a crowded restaurant, pool accidents, tripping on worn carpeting, breaking an ankle while descending a wet stairwell, etc.

And while these are ‘normal, everyday’ accidents, they can leave a cruise ship passenger with a painful and potentially life altering injury.

At Waks and Barnett, P.A., our lawyers talk to hurt passengers every day. We get the details.

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Passenger Dies in Fall From Mast on Carnival Cruise Ship

In and unfortunate accident in Miami, a passenger who climbed up the mast on the Carnival Cruise Ship Ecstasy, fell and died.

Reports state that the male passenger was roughly 20 feet above the deck when he fell. He was taken from the cruise ship to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he died.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.31.59 PM

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Woman Injured in a Fall on Cruise Ship Off The Coast of Maryland

cruise ship injury lawyer against Royal Caribbean Cruises

A woman was injured in a fall while on the cruise chip Grandeur of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean International vessel. The accident happened while the cruise ship was off the coast of Maryland.

We first came across this report at the website in Baltimore, Maryland. The full story is below – not many details at this point.

More details are available per the United States Coast Guard. You can read a link here.

The Coast Guard said its crews responded to help a woman who was injured in a fall on a cruise ship near Smith Point in Maryland.

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How a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer Can Help With a Slip and Fall Injury

It’s unfortunate, but slip and fall accidents are the most common type of accident aboard cruise ships. And with nearly 15 million Americans traveling on cruise ships each year, the chance of injury is much higher than most passengers would imagine.

Why do injuries happen?

Unsteady footing due to the motion of the boat along with slippery decks and crowded common areas and passageways create opportunities for accidents to happen.

Sometimes accidents are sheer accidents (where no one is responsible) and sometimes injuries are caused because of the negligence of the cruise line or its crew members.

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